Many indicators show that there has been a
shift in economic development in the direction of a more
important role for knowledge production and learning.
Successful and sustained growth requires creating a
learning society. Especially in the 21st century, as we
move to a knowledge economy.

Towards Creating Changemakers’

All around us we see the evidence that we now live in a world of accelerating change, volatility, and hyperconnectivity. In a world defined by change, no one can afford to build a life around repetition, instead, to be a contributor, the young mind must learn to be a changemaker, a person who steps up to solve problems for the good of all. Becoming a changemaker must become the new norm for growing up.

Education systems need to prepare students for their future, rather than for our past. Many forces have made the world also more volatile, more complex, and more uncertain.

The rolling processes of automation, hollowing out jobs, particularly for routine tasks, have radically altered the nature of work and life and thus the skills that are needed for success. For those with the right human capacities, this is liberating and exciting. But for those who are insufficiently prepared, it can mean the scourge of vulnerable and insecure work, and life without prospects.


Competencies for the knowledge Economy

Pressures is to increase the role of information and knowledge in national economies have provoked a wide-ranging debate about what kinds of competencies young people and adults now need.

Readiness for learning economy

In today’s global, technology-driven economy, education is critical to national competitiveness and individual opportunity. Literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills are the foundation for how adults engage in the workplace, at home, and in the community. In fact, these skills are now the basis for success in today’s learning economy a world in which the need to use knowledge undergirds all aspects of daily life. In a learning economy, skill development, measurement, and use determine the well-being of individuals, businesses, and nations alike.

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